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Lanner Hall Lanner Saal Terrace upper floor Terrasse 1. Stock
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Lanner Hall
358 m²
L/W/H (m)
24,82 / 14,44 / 6,5
320 persons
550 persons
700 persons

Lanner Hall

Situated on the upper floor of the Kursalon, the Lanner Hall is the in-house concert hall. If the first floor is required for events a further 358 m² plus an additional cocktail terrace are then available.

Joseph Lanner

The Lanner Hall is named after a famous Austrian 19th century composer Joseph Lanner. He is considered to be responsible for converting the waltz from a simple peasant dance to something classy, which could also be enjoyable for the high society. Lanner was the biggest rival and a friend of Johann Strauss I, while his famous works include Pesther-Waltzer, “Die Werber” Walz and his most famous work, Die Schönbrunner Walzer.

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