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Schubert Hall
288 m²
L/W/H (m)
17,80 / 16,98 / 3,7
210 persons
250 persons
300 persons

Schubert Hall

The Schubert Hall, area 288 m², and with a direct connection to the Strauss Hall, is the ideal additional space to provide room for up to a maximum of a further 300 persons. With its own bar and separate access to the terrace, the Schubert Hall offers not only perfect possibilities in the form of supplementary space, but also as a separate, smaller event location.

Franz Schubert

Schubert Hall got its name from Franz Schubert, a famous Austrian composer active in 19th century. While he died very young at the age of 31, his creations were extremely prolific. Today, Schubert is championed as one of the greatest composers of the late Classical era.

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